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Smoking at Nagoya -  Chūbu Centrair International Airport (NGO)

Airport Rating


Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is not permitted outside the terminals, including the car park, but there are many smoking areas within the airport.

Domestic & International Arrivals & Departures


Update from Theodoros on the 22nd July 2019: Wonderful smoking airport. 

  • There is one smoking room on 2F – Arrival lobby (domestic arrivals – on your left). Another one  on International arrivals on your right.
  • Also one smoking room on 3F  opposite of Domestic Check-In Counters “O” & “P”. Another one opposite of International Check In Counter “B”.
  • After security there are smoking rooms opposite of gates 4-6 and 10. (Domestic departures)
  • Photos of locations below.

Update from Charles on the 14th March 2019: Post-Security.

  • Beautiful room with seating at Gate Area 201-206.
  • Many standing rooms pre-security. Wonderful smoking airport.
  • There are smoking rooms though after security, they are at: Café Yutori No Kukan, Café de Crié Plus and Pronto bar, Gate 4, Gate 7, Gate 17A and Gate 23

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