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Smoking at Vilnius airport (VNO)

Airport Rating


Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

Update from Steffen, Feb 2020: Smoking Area Gate 14 is open. An additional iQos lounge is beside it.

Update from Clemens K, Aug 2019: Smoking possible again near A14, as of August 5th 2019. Iqos / e-cigarette lounge and normal cigarette room.

Update from Klaus, Aug 2019: There is a small smoking cabin between A11 and A14. Small, warm and bad air circulation. Next Door is a Cosy small Lounge only for IQos E-Smokers

Update from Rokas on the 13th May 2019: There is smoking area open right next to gate A14.

Update from Tomas on the 25th Feb 2019: Now smoking area under construction and is closed. Smoking only in street before passport control.

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