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Rant sent to  on the 24th August 2017 from Patricia Jones-Hernandez. Turns out its about smoking in Taxi's, blah blah blah. Notice lack of paragraphs.

I just got on the website and it states that there's one designated smoking area at Will Rogers World Airport everytime I take a taxi they reek of cigarette smoke the drivers clothing  the upholstery I'm highly allergic to cigarette smoke I start sneezing and coughing and sputtering and sometimes end up in the emergency room at the hospital because I can't breathe and everything swells up it is poison there are hundreds and thousands of carcinogens cancer-causing and allergens in one cigarette so because I want to take public transportation others are allowed to pour poison down my throat and nose into my body and system to where I can die it's literally not just a longtime health hazard it's also a life-threatening situation I don't smoke but yet I have to smoke through six taxis and  6 Vans when I walk down the line to take public transportation when I get in it reeks of smoke it's all in the interior it's in the seats I Drive taxi myself sitting out in the waiting area everybody outside smokes walks by my car and pours smoke into my taxi I am finishing my criminal justice degree you cannot smoke within 150 ft of the building so they don't Port smoke and cancer-causing allergens on anyone else forcefully so why can they smoke as they walk by my taxi in the waiting area north of the airport 150ft of the building but I'm out here with 100 drivers and all they do is smoke and smoke and smoke in their cabs outside of their cabs we should have a check on the taxis  because they smell like cigarettes B commission the taxi downtown law enforcement made a law for years ago no smoking in the taxi not on the Sheraton line not at the airport they sit up on the service line right there smoking as people walk down the taxis and down the Vans and their faces as they're trying to avoid it then their cigarette butts go down on the ground we have the trashiest airport with cigarette butts smoking should not even be allowed on the premises Uber drivers do not pull up smoking tacky cigarettes that smell and poison and kill others around them Uber is my worst competition but they are clean smoke-free decent mind their manners and don't just disrespect International Federal property and the public it looks tacky when people came out of the airport and there's outside of their cars sucking on cigarettes  and there smoke goes in the passengers face nose and mouth and eyes that just got off of the plane if the robbery now they've got to take public transportation and be forced into a car with years of smoke and bedded into it and the driver gets in and it's in all in his clothes hair and skin I watched the good changes over the last 6 years these drivers used to smoke marijuana and hash before they drove to the service line they've drank alcohol and went up there at 8 a.m. drunk and stone to pick up somebody mothers Brothers sisters father's head of household Breadwinners coming into work in Oklahoma planes and then flying back end of week I should not be forced when they come to Oklahoma City to work and step out of our beautiful airport with the new facelift wonderful Gardens the statue of Will Rogers they're very impressed with and then be hit with unbearable filthy poisonous cigarette smoke in their face as they pass even to go to the rental cars you can see tacky taxi drivers puffing on cigarettes and blow in their smoke out of their mouth which is disgusting in the first place into somebody else's face nose mouth eyes and body as they go by there's no other route they have to walk down that sidewalk to get to a taxi or rental car bus they have no choice this is what they're greeted within our city of many changes and progress the past four years we've had so much upscale districting the trolleys coming downtown and I always welcome people with a smile and a clean-cut professional look my taxi is clean and smoke-free these guys come to work tacky looking like dope-smoking hippies they smell like it too and in my industry of law enforcement elimination and not providing the environment for delinquency is the best deterrent true they all or a lot of them smoke maybe the majority but the rule is the rule and we apparently have one smoking area at the airport but yet taxi drivers jump out of their car wherever they feel like it to smoke it's not offending others it's poisoning others and causing others health problems I end up in the hospital if I'm near cigarette smoke because I'm allergic to it it closes my throat and breathing because they're pouring their poison into my breathing orifices nose and mouth and then into my lungs that second hand smoke way worse than what even they're getting on there and what can we do about this filthy dirty addiction that somebody else is problem it should not be mine or the people that come into our Airport or City that's a terrible representation first impression is we are uneducated dirty second-class citizens it's a filthy addiction that kills and alcohol and marijuana that was used and consumed all the way up until only 4 years ago Uber has done a lot to change this as have I reporting incidents of taxi drivers firsthand when I observed the behavior or crime how can the rule be made for people flying in on airplanes to our city when they walk right into it outside and they're forced into it by others to break the rule this is also a city ruled by the police department enforced by the city not to be smoking in a taxi I've seen many people jump out of taxis and I take them instead of the front of me because I do not want to get into a taxi with cigarette smoke in the upholstery address now I'm sitting in the waiting area and I roll my windows up 3 times and I have to burn my gas to keep their cigarettes from coming in my window as they walk right by careless and offensive and fill my taxi up with smoke a lot of them would not pass a hair follicle test although it's been cleaned up a lot in the last few years cigarettes are not filthy disgusting or trashy second class the cigarettes are harmful to your health and should not be allowed anywhere on the airport grounds if it is stated there is only one smoking area then that is the only place anyone should smoke we have our state and Country right now paying free for anyone who wants to call and get Patches gum or Lawson just quit there's every help available in rehab for every other addiction why should me and everyone else that comes into our city have to endure what others addictions put on us and that is life risk health risk even though it would be my job I would love to see this airport clean and smoke free down that line I've even seen the garbage cans catch on fire and our City's money has to bring hook-and-ladder out to put out a garbage can fire because of these careless smokers throw them in the garbage that's not even a smoking area why should that be a smoking area when it's right where everyone comes out of the front door Will Rogers Airport and you will catch five out of six cab smoking it in and given time not to mention the vans it's not just tacky it's not just offensive it's a violation of Health codes rules and city laws if all of these drivers are going to continue to smoke why don't we smoke in a health department why don't we smoke in a church or a hospital so why are they allowed to give us allergic reactions and cancer an emergency health risk of not being able to breathe at Will Rogers Airport if they're not allowed to do it in a hospital School room or health department our city is changing and it's great it looks super the progress made the changes the districting I bought a house in the plaza District and that District two years ago was infiltrated with prostitution and drugs we decided not to take it anymore and make positive changes and you might see one or two stragglers now my yard is no longer full of condoms and syringes and trash this is a airport that's about to become International not only is our state looking bottom of the barrel to our country now our country will look bottom-of-the-barrel to other countries we really need to step things up it's not this way in other countries or other states they maintain rules rules are made for a reason we are already number 3 in the nation in unplanned pregnancies teen pregnancy I think number one for meth convictions also top 3 in the nation for low education levels I mean we're in the top three for everything undesirable so when they fly in Oklahoma it would be nice for our first impression to override some of the realities we're still working on at least balance out the playing field our people are some of the friendliest in the nation I hear from my passenger it would be nice if we were among the cleanest as well and not ranked as bottom-of-the-barrel because although Uber is not  regulated the City of Oklahoma City taxi cabs are and there is a law that the police enforce for non-smoking in taxi cabs no matter where they're at the guy stand out to smoke on the line the butt goes on the ground the smoke goes in the passengers face that just landed in Oklahoma City Point made appreciate your time and looking at this thank you