Smoking at Dar es Salaam, Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR)

Airport Rating


Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Terminal 2 (Domestic)

No smoking area, unless transferring to International.

Terminal 3 (International)

There is a smoking lounge AFTER security in Terminal 3 (International flights). It is one of the best smoking lounges I have ever been in. Fresh air, clean, USB sockets for charging, cigarettes for sale, an attendant who cleans everything all the time, free entry (as sponsored by a cigarette brand). Large signs right after the security check, so the lounge is very easy to find.

All lighters are taken away at the security check. However, they don't find lighters on the body (trouser pockets), but they find all of them in bags that go through the scanner.

Update from Johannes K, Oct 2019: Terminal 3 is pretty new and has a smoking area after security check. If you came from domestic to international flight you have to go out where smoking is allowed, too.

For connecting flights you may need to leave the terminal and enter Tanzania and smoke outside terminal then go through Security again for your flight.

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